Jimmy advises and guides businesses through the process of overcoming the struggle to engage new business and retain current customers.

Jimmy Lea is a Rockstar of the automotive aftermarket industry with a passion for marketing and empowering business owners.  With a wealth of experience and expertise, Jimmy has spent the last several years traveling the country, visiting shop owners in their own shop, helping them effectively market their businesses and achieve sustainable growth.  He was recently appointed Vice President of Business Development with The Institute For Automotive Excellence where he oversees sales, marketing, PR, lead generation, and vendor relationships.


Motivated by his desire to expand his impact beyond the automotive industry, Jimmy is now eager to share his marketing expertise with other industries.  Recognizing the universal importance of effective marketing, he is determined to help businesses across diverse sectors optimize their marketing efforts, reach their target audiences, and achieve sustainable success.


Throughout his extensive career, Jimmy has honed his skills in public speaking and training, delivering engaging, entertaining, and impactful presentations to audiences across the industry.  He has a deep understanding of the unique marketing and sales challenges and opportunities enabling him to provide practical and tailored strategies that drive results.


Jimmy’s profound marketing knowledge and insights have played a pivotal role in automotive shop owners maximizing their visibility, attracting new customers, and cultivating strong customer relationships.  His ability to decipher market trends and identify innovative marketing approaches has led to significant revenue growth for numerous businesses within the automotive aftermarket sector.


Jimmy’s dynamic speaking style, coupled with his practical knowledge and experience, make him a highly sought-after consultant and trainer.  He is dedicated to equipping businesses across industries with the tools and strategies that are imperative to navigate the ever-evolving marketing landscape successfully.


With Jimmy Lea as your guide, you will have a dedicated professional who will empower you to unlock the true potential of your business through strategic marketing.  His passion, expertise and proven track record make him a valuable asset to any organization seeking to enhance their marketing efforts and achieve long-term growth.